Sean F. Walsh

The Fine Art of Intentional Camera Movement & Blur

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Sean F. Walsh

About Sean

Sean F. Walsh photographs the world as he sees it.  Or as he sees fit, since it really depends on how much coffee he’s had that day.

For more than a decade he has photographed in and for a variety of industries including fashion, commercial, events, and weddings. is his foray into fine art – a place to let loose and do his own thing, which happens to be deliberately blurred images.  Specializing in long exposure and intentional camera movement, Sean has created a body of work that ranges from the interpretive to the explicitly implied, all while jacking the colours and cranking the contrast.

Toronto is Sean’s playground, and on any given day you can find him shaking his camera at something, even if he’s had a cup of coffee.

This is his site.  Please enjoy responsibly.