Sean F. Walsh

Shaken to stir

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Sean F. Walsh


I believe in fostering a community of talent and artistry, and essentially paying it forward.  Here are some of the people and teams that I work with.

First off, this beautiful site was not designed by me, although I had some detailed notes and illustrations of my vision.  Mike Mella of Be Like Water is the one that realized it with style, and took it well beyond my scribblings.  Over many beers, we hashed out what would look like, and I am grateful for all his hard work.  Go check out his page at:

All of my collateral (business cards, mailers, etc.) is designed by the super talented Nathaniel & Catherine Winter-Hébert.  Their approach to the tactile necessities of branding is something I have loved and appreciated ever since I first met them.  All the cool things they’ve done can be found at:

When I’m not blurring and shaking my world, I photograph weddings for Frame of Mind Photography.  My portfolio (which is sharp and in focus!), along with those of my colleagues, can be found at: